Established in 1997, Thai Smart Bird Nest Co.Ltd is well known in the swallow bird nest industry in Thailand as the constructor of many large bird's nest condos. With the combination of local wisdom and technology from experts in the process of cleaning the swallow bird’s nest, our bird’s nest has long been trusted by Thai and Chinese customers. With the slogan of using 100% natural swallow bird’s nests and the production of bird nests completely devoid of chemicals.

    In 2017, in response to the Chinese government's policy which wants to transform raw bird’s nest in fully integrated, Thai Smart Bird's nest was re-established, for the purpose to do business with China officially.

      Swallow’s bird’s nest in Thailand is one of the best bird’s nest in the world, and also is the bird’s nest that the Chinese emperors of all ages had eaten. It was known in the past as "Bird's Nest of Siam". It is a guarantee of the quality of the Thai swallow nest which has been recognized since ancient time. Thai Smart bird's nest use 100% natural high-quality bird's nest from Thailand with a safe and modern production process to deliver the best quality products to the health of our customers.


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